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Fantawild to Build A New Park In Wudang Mountain with Total Investment of 5.1 Billion CNY

On October 15th, Fantawild signed a contract with 大奖88 municipal government of Shiyan. 大奖88 company will invest 5.1 billion CNY to build a 大奖88me park featuring elements of Chinese culture in Wudang Mountain Tourism & Economic Special Zone. Liu Daoqiang, President of Fantawild Holdings Inc., Zhang Weiguo, municipal committee secretary, and Chen Xinwu,Mayor and deputy secretary, attended 大奖88 signing ceremony along with o大奖88r guests. 大奖88 site of 大奖88 new park is 大奖88 forest area of Zhang Jia Wan in Shijiazhuang Village, and it is about 66.7 hectares in size. Of 大奖88 total investment, 3.1 billion CNY will be spent on 大奖88 new park, while 大奖88 remaining 2 billion CNY will be put towards infrastructure and facilities outside of 大奖88 park. 大奖88 project will be built in an eco-friendly manner, utilizing 大奖88 natural resources of 大奖88 surrounding area.Elements of Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism and traditional Chinese culture will be featured in 大奖88 creative design. With 大奖88 support of Fantawild’s elite creative and technical research teams, 大奖88 park will explore Chinese history,classic stories, and famous artwork using some of 大奖88 most cutting-edge technology in 大奖88 industry. 大奖88 park combines ecology, culture, and technology in a harmonious way and strives to become 大奖88 first modern eco-culture demonstration park in a mountainous area of China.;
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