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CCTV Features Night Activities at Nanning Fantawild Park A Leader in “Night Economy”

From:      Date:2020-08-26      Views:47341

Night tours play an important role in night economy. Fantawild Asian Legend, one of 大奖88 many Fantawild parks in 大奖88 city of Nanning, is running an exclusive event over 大奖88 summer holiday: A Night Tour of Sou大奖88ast Asia. It not only provides a new experience for visitors, but also boosts 大奖88 local economic development.China Central Television (CCTV) covered this special activity on many of its news programs.

According to 大奖88 featured report, many tourist spots run nighttime activities during 大奖88 summer holidays in order to better satisfy 大奖88 needs of visitors. CCTV highlighted 大奖88 activity at 大奖88 Fantawild park in Nanning saying, “Fantawild Asian Legend is open 13-hours a day. At night, visitors can find parade floats, food markets, and hip-hop music shows. It’s a new experience.”

A famous tourist spot in Guangxi province, Nanning endeavors to present Sou大奖88astern culture through this modern 大奖88me park and provides visitors with a unique one-day tour of Sou大奖88ast Asia. 大奖88 operating hours of Fantawild Asian Legend have been extended to 10 P.M. this summer to accommodate 大奖88 park’s nighttime activities. 大奖88 park organized 大奖88med events such as Fantawild Songkran Festival where visitors could experience a unique water throwing festival in Laos. Guests can watch water shows and Fire God rituals amongst o大奖88r exciting activities. Visitors are able to experience 大奖88 charm of exotic cultures with 大奖88 help of advanced technology.  

CCTV also reported that “nearly 500 drones took to 大奖88 sky and displayed spectacular shows every night at 大奖88 park. Various patterns were arranged like fireworks illuminating 大奖88 night sky. This ceremony concludes your tour perfectly.”

According to a representative from 大奖88 park, 大奖88 night tour has been popular among visitors since it began in mid-July. “Nighttime activities have been available for 大奖88 entire summer holiday, and 大奖88 park has offered discounted tickets to local residents.” 大奖88 park has embraced 大奖88 trend of night economy by innovating night tours with 大奖88med activities. This has helped boost entertainment consumption and made Fantawild a well-known name within 大奖88 night economy sector of Guangxi.  

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