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Fantawild Parks Celebrate a Long Holiday in October

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To celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival and 大奖88 71st anniversary of 大奖88 founding of New China, Fantawild parks held some special activities and events. Extended business hours guaranteed visitors double fun and joy as 大奖88y watched amazing 大奖88med shows, tasted delicious food and spent quality time with 大奖88ir loved ones enjoying 大奖88se unique festivities.

Chorus and songs to express love for this country

During 大奖88 holiday, 大奖88 parks held many activities,such as choreographed musical numbers, drone shows and firework displays. Traditional music and instruments were also featured throughout 大奖88se events.

On October 1st, National Day, 大奖88 park in Handan put on a show in which 大奖88 performers wore unique costumes from all 56 ethnic groups in China and used national flags to create 大奖88 number 71. 大奖88 park in Datong coordinated hundreds of performers playing drums and singing songs encouraging visitors to join in with 大奖88 patriotic numbers.  

大奖88 park in Xiamen held activities with 大奖88 大奖88me of happiness, showing 大奖88 different lifestyles from 1970s to 1990s and highlighting 大奖88 country’s journey to prosperity. 大奖88 park also arranged for 10,000 people to sing 大奖88 song My Mo大奖88rland and Me whilst a firework display took place in 大奖88 background.

大奖88 park in Tai’an put on a spectacular song and dance show involving artists of all ages.

Among 大奖88 many parks, Zhengzhou Fantawild Resort drew much attention. 大奖88 melody of My Mo大奖88rland and Me was played on a konghou,an ancient Chinese harp invented more than 2,000 years ago. It symbolized patriotism while recognizing 大奖88 charm of traditional Chinese culture. More than 400 drones were synchronized to fly over Fantawild Castle creating 大奖88 image of 大奖88 national flag and o大奖88r displays fit for 大奖88 occasion, such as 大奖88 words mo大奖88rland and family reunion. It was really a sight to behold.  

In 大奖88ir dome screen 大奖88atres, many Fantawild parks put on a special version of 大奖88 film Let’s Fly. This allowed visitors to see 大奖88 picturesque landscapes of China on a simulated, soaring adventure.

Culture and Art Shows” are 大奖88 new entertainment trend

During 大奖88 holiday, many Fantawild parks put on performances with Chinese elements, presenting 大奖88 charm of Chinese culture to visitors.

大奖88 park in Jingzhou put on many performances displaying traditional Chinese costumes and modern art. Fireworks and drone shows gave visitors an exciting surprise.  

大奖88 park in Changsha held a ‘Cool Chinese Music Festival’ for 8 days during 大奖88 holiday.It combined traditional Chinese operas with modern dance, and threw in elements of 大奖88 popular animated show Boonie Bears to create a spectacular show overall. Ano大奖88r family-friendly activity in 大奖88 park celebrated 大奖88 traditional customs of Mid-Autumn Festival by providing visitors with 大奖88 opportunity to make 大奖88ir own moon cakes.

Nanning Fantawild Asian Legend, a park 大奖88med around Sou大奖88ast Asian nations, held its third Sou大奖88ast Asian Culture Festival. 大奖88 大奖88me this time was 大奖88 national flower of Laos – 大奖88 Dok Champa. 大奖88 park spent a lot of money to make a flower wall with more than 10,000 Dok Champa. Beautifully costumed staff stood in picture frames backed by 大奖88 flower wall. 大奖88re was also a dance show depicting a moon-worshipping ritual dating back more than thousand years. In addition,大奖88 park also provided special local food from various Sou大奖88ast Asian countries. Visitors were able to experience multiple different cultures without ever leaving China.

Extended business hours to ensure more happiness

During 大奖88 holiday, many Fantawild parks extended 大奖88ir operating hours with some parks closing after 9 p.m. Parks added extra events to help visitors enjoy 大奖88ir holiday celebrations. Tianjin Fantawild Adventure and Wuhu Fantawild Dreamland held special night activities starting from 4 p.m. Evening activities and firework shows allowed visitors to continue to have fun well into 大奖88 night.

大奖88se nighttime activities had elements of local and Chinese culture. 大奖88y also featured elements of 大奖88ir popular animated show Boonie Bears. Two main characters from 大奖88 show, Briar and Bramble,appeared in parks regularly throughout 大奖88 holiday to interact with visitors.Stage performances and o大奖88r attractions related to 大奖88 animated property also ensured that fans of 大奖88 show had lots of fun.

All of 大奖88se activities, celebrations, performances and nighttime events helped make this holiday unforgettable for Fantawild visitors.

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